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Our Reverse Osmosis Systems Removes Contaminants

Our Reverse Osmosis 12 Steps Filter systems are tested and certified for the reduction of the following contaminants: 

Lead > Arsenic>Copper>Nitrates and nitrites (hexavalent&trivalent)>Chromium>Selenium>Fluoride>Radium>Barium>Cyst (cryptosporidium)>Total dissolved solids (TDS)

 If pure water is what you want, our reverse osmosis drinking water is what you need!

The testimonials from our customers and the reasons why they keep coming back for more are beyond fantastic: significant weight loss, allergy relief, arthritis relief, improved bowel regularity, increased energy, advanced hydration of cells and skin, improved digestion, reduced cholesterol, and overall better health. 
This water provides better oxygenation directly to the blood stream and allows optimum cleansing and detoxification.
Detoxification: Flushes acidic waste products from the body. Gently cleanses at a deep cellular level.
Hydration: Three to five times as effective as regular water
Absorption: Allows nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently.
Anti-oxidant: Electron charged water helps control free radical activity.
Improved Taste and Purity: Your body will crave more water. You and your family will enjoy drinking more water.
Increased Energy: Feel the difference usually within a few days.
Improved Digestion: As you digest and assimilate your food better, health improves, energy levels increase, weight sheds away and life becomes more enjoyable.

Best Price Guarantee !!

Our prices for reverse osmosis drinking water filters are amongst the best you will find, offering savings of up to 50% off than the other manufacturers in USA & Taiwan. We offer very attractive programs and pricing on systems and parts to our authorized distributors.